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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest

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Many, but not all, of the routes contained in these tables have been cruised by the author. The cruising distances calculated by the author were by a route selected by the author and may not be the exact route selected by others. These routes however, represent what the author considers the most likely route. Distance traveled by other boaters could vary. The routes selected by the author are suitable for boats up to 48 inches draft. Boats with deeper draft may have to select longer routes to avoid shallows. The calculation of travel distances were determined from NOAA and Canadian Hydrographic Service digital charts in BSB format using Fugawi Marine ENC™ navigation software.


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Navigating the Inland Waters With GPS, A Laptop Computer, and Digital Charts

The course lines that are entered into a digital chart to obtain distances, can also be used for navigation. A notebook computer with a GPS unit attached, can be configured to show the position of the boat on the chart and in addition, if the boat has an autopilot, the notebook computer can be configured to steer the boat to the course line. To view instructions for connecting a notebook computer to GPS and the autopilot, click on:
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