Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Gorge Harbour, Cortez Is.
50° 05' 58.13" N, 125° 01' 23.05" W - CHS Chart 3538
Gorge Harbour, Cortes Is.Comox, Vancouver Is..32.34:37 
Gorge Harbour, Cortes Is.Cortes Bay, Cortes Is.12.11:43 
Gorge Harbour, Cortes Is.False Bay (Lasqueti Is.)46.26:36 
Gorge Harbour, Cortes Is.Lund15.72:14 
Gorge Harbour, Cortes Is.Refuge Cove, W Redonda Is.17.02:25 
Gorge Harbour, Cortes Is.Pender Harbour51.77:23 
Gorge Harbour, Cortes Is.Squirrel Cove18.62:39via Baker Passage
Gorge Harbour, Cortes Is.Thunder Bay43.16:09via Baker Passage
Gorge Harbour, Cortes Is.Westview (Powell River)28.24:02via Baker Passage


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