Maple Bay

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Maple Bays

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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Maple Bay,
48° 47' 44.19" N, 123° 36' 00.36" W - CHS Chart 3478
Maple BayAnacortes49.47:03via Sansum Narrows
Maple BayBedwell Harbour, S. Pender Is.21.03:00via Sansum Narrows
Maple BayBrentwood Bay16.62:22via Sansum Narrows
Maple BayCanoe Cove Marina14.12:22via Sansum Narrows
Maple BayChemainus10.81:32Maple Bay Marina
Maple BayClam Bay12.41:46Maple Bay Marina
Maple BayConover Cove, Wallace Is.12.01:42Wallace Island
Maple BayCowichan Bay7.91:07 
Maple BayCrofton5.70:48 
Maple BayDodd Narrows23.43:20 
Maple BayFalse Creek, Vancouver40.95:51via Porlier Pass
Maple BayFriday Harbor, San Juan Is.36.75:15via Sansum Narrows
Maple BayFulford Harbour14.92:07via Sansum Narrows
Maple BayGanges, Saltspring Is.23.33:20via Houstoun Passage
Maple BayGanges, Saltspring Is.23.73:23via Sansum Narrows
Maple BayGenoa Bay7.71:06 
Maple BayLadysmith17.22:27 
Maple BayLyall Harbour27.13:52via Gowlland Point
Maple BayMontague Harbour, Galiano Is.18.52:39via Houstoun Passage
Maple BayMontague Harbour, Galiano Is.24.53:30via Satellite Passage
Maple BayOtter Bay, N Pender Is.18.72:40via Sansum Narrows
Maple BayPorlier Pass13.61:57 
Maple BayPort Browning, N Pender Is.23.23:18via Pender Canal
Maple BayPort Townsend66.79:32via Bedwell Harbour
Maple BayPoulsbo, Liberty Bay113.316:11via Deception Pass & Bedwell harbour
Maple BaySansum Narrows3.60:30 
Maple BaySeattle (Shilshole Bay)95.013:34via Bedwell Harbour & Deception Pass
Maple BayTelegraph Harbour, Thetis Is.11.91:42 
Maple BayTsehum Harbour17.62:30 
Maple BayVictoria37.75:23