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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Sidney,
48° 39' 08.76" N, 123° 23' 31.90" W - CHS Chart 3476
SidneyAnacortes, Fidalgo Island35.25:02via Wasp Passage
SidneyBallet Bay, Nelson Island81.611:39via Nanaimo
SidneyBedwell Harbour, S. Pender Is.9.21:18 
SidneyBlaine33.84:50via Boundry Pass
SidneyBrentwood Bay13.51:56via Iroquois Passage
SidneyButchart Gardens13.71:57 
SidneyCadboro Bay15.02:09 
SidneyCampbell River120.717:15via Nanaimo
SidneyClam Bay25.53:39via Sansum Narrows
SidneyClam Bay25.93:42via Trincomali Channel
SidneyConover Cove21.13:01via Captain Passage
SidneyCowichan Bay11.91:42via Iroquois Passage
SidneyDeception Pass36.55:13via Cordova Channel
SidneyDeep Bay82.311:45via Nanaimo
SidneyDeer Harbor18.12:35via Roche Harbor
SidneyDesolation Sound111.415:55avoiding WG
SidneyDodd Narrows37.95:25 
SidneyEastsound, Orcas Island28.14:01 
SidneyEdmonds72.510:21via Admiralty Inlet
SidneyEdmonds82.411:46via Deception Pass
SidneyFriday Harbor, San Juan Is.19.12:43 
SidneyFulford Harbour, Saltspring Is.9.11:18 
SidneyGabriola Passage35.55:04 
SidneyGanges, Saltspring Is.15.42:12 
SidneyGenoa Bay11.71:40via Iroquois Passage
SidneyGibsons50.27:10via Porlier Pass
SidneyHorseshoe Bay52.37:28via Porlier Pass
SidneyLa Conner, Swinomish Channel43.66:14via Thatcher Pass
SidneyLa Conner, Swinomish Channel45.26:27via Deception Pass
SidneyLadysmith29.64:14via Sansum Narrows
SidneyMalibu Rapids114.216:19via Dodd Narrows & Nanaimo
SidneyMill Bay10.01:26via Iroquois Passage
SidneyMontague Harbour16.12:18 
SidneyNanaimo42.06:00via Dodd Narrows
SidneyOak Harbor, Whidbey Island53.87:41via Deception Pass
SidneyOak Harbor, Whidbey Island59.88;33via Swinomish Channel
SidneyOlympia136.919:33via Deception Pass
SidneyOrcas, Orcas Island18.52:39via Poll Pass
SidneyOtter Bay, N Pender Is.10.11:26 
SidneyPender Harbour74.210:36via Nanaimo & S. Thormanby Is.
SidneyPender Harbour76.810:58via Nanaimo & avoiding WG
SidneyPendrell Sound127.318:11via Nanaimo
SidneyPoint Roberts26.83:50via Active Pass
SidneyPoint Roberts28.54:04via Boundry Passage
SidneyPortland Island5.10:44 
SidneyPort Angeles37.25:19 
SidneyPort Browning, N Pender Is.11.81:41via Pender Canal
SidneyPort Hardy226.832:24via Campbell River
SidneyPort Townsend43.66:14 
SidneyPrincess Louisa Inlet120.917:16via Nanaimo & Pender Harbour
SidneyReid Harbor, Stuart Is.10.21:27 
SidneyRoche Harbor, San Juan Is.10.41:29 
SidneyRosario, Orcas Island25.33:37 
SidneySecret Cove65.79:23via Nanaimo & through WG
SidneySecret Cove71.310:11via Nanaimo & avoiding WG
SidneyShilshole Bay, Seattle74.810:41via Port Townsend
SidneySilva Bay, Gabriola Is.37.85:24 
SidneySeattle, WA78.711:15To Bell St. Marina, Seattle
SidneySteveston, Lulu Island35.35:03via Active Pass
SidneyTacoma, WA114.116:18To Point Defiance Launch Ramp via Friday Harbor & Shilshole Bay
SidneyTelegraph Harbour, Thetis Is.25.73:40 
SidneyToba Inlet149.321:20via Nanaimo
SidneyTsehum Harbour1.60:13 
SidneyVancouver49.17:01via Active Pass
SidneyVancouver54.57:47via Porlier Pass
SidneyWhite Rock33.44:46 
SidneyWinter Cove16.42:21