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Cruising Desolation Sound

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Dock in Blind Channel, West Thurlow Island

Cruising Distances
From Blind Channel
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Big Bay 16.6 via Gillard Pass
Forward Harbour 14.9 via Sunderland Channel
Heriot Bay 34.0 via Okisollo and Hoskyn Channels
Lagoon Cove 46.6 via Sunderland Channel
Lagoon Cove 45.0 via Johnstone Strait & Mayne Psg
Octopus Islands 20.7 via Mayne Psg. & Johnstone Strait
Refuge Cove 36.9 via Gillard Pass
Sullivan Bay 85.2 via Gillard Pass
Squirrel Cove 36.6 via Gillard Pass