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Cruising the San Juan Islands


Sucia Island Marine State Park

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The Beach on Echo Bay, Sucia Island

Cruising Distances
From Sucia Island
(in nautical miles) Route Click
Anacortes 21.2  
Bedwell Harbour 14.2  
Bellingham 19.9  
Blaine 18.4  
Blakely Is. Marina 14.6 via Barnes and Clark Islands
Blakely Is. Marina 19.9 via President Channel
Friday Harbor 15.7 from Fossil Bay
Jones Island 6.9 from Fossil Bay
Matia Island 2.6  
Orcas 14.7 from Fossil Bay
Roche Harbor 16.6 from Fossil Bay
via Johns Pass
Roche Harbor 14.4 from Fossil Bay
via President Channel