Campbell River

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Campbell River

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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Campbell River,
50° 02' 10.87" N, 125° 14' 34.29" W - CHS Chart 3540
Campbell RiverAnacortes149.821:24via Bedwell Harbour and Nanaimo
Campbell RiverBellingham151.521:39via Bedwell Harbour and Nanaimo
Campbell RiverBlaine120.117:10via Strait of Georgia and Sabine Channel avoiding WG
Campbell RiverBlind Channel, W. Thurlow Is.28.74:06 
Campbell RiverCameleon Harbour25.23:36via Seymour Narrows
Campbell RiverChatham Point19.92:51via Seymour Narrows
Campbell RiverComox31.44:29 
Campbell RiverCopeland Islands18.42:38 
Campbell RiverCortes Bay16.92:25 
Campbell RiverDeep Bay43.06:09 
Campbell RiverDesolation Sound18.52:39via Baker Passage
Campbell RiverEcho Bay, Gilford Island88.012:34via Johnstone Strait and Spring Passage
Campbell RiverEdmonds194.727:49via Bedwell Harbour and Nanaimo
Campbell RiverEverett187.026:43via Bedwell Harbour and Nanaimo
Campbell RiverFalse Bay, Lasqueti Is.48.66:57 
Campbell RiverFalse Creek99.714:15via Strait of Georgia
Campbell RiverFrench Creek55.97:59via Lambert Channel
Campbell RiverFriday Harbor, San Juan Is.135.819:07via Nanaimo and Bedwell Harbour
Campbell RiverGanges, Saltspring Is.111.115:52via Nanaimo
Campbell RiverGorge Harbour, Cortes Is.15.02:09 
Campbell RiverHemming Bay, E. Thurlow Is.24.33:28via Discovery Passage
Campbell RiverKelsey Bay40.95:51 
Campbell RiverLund20.72:57via Baker Passage
Campbell RiverNanaimo77.711:06 
Campbell RiverOctopus Islands24.73:32via Seymour Narrows
Campbell RiverOlympia238.634:05via Nanaimo
Campbell RiverPender Harbour54.97:51via Algerine Passage
Campbell RiverPendrell Sound33.84:50via Baker Passage
Campbell RiverPoint Roberts108.015:26via Sabine Passage
Campbell RiverPort Angeles158.022:34via Nanaimo & Bedwell Harbour
Campbell RiverPort Hardy106.015:09 
Campbell RiverPort McNeill86.512:22 
Campbell RiverPort Neville48.06:51 
Campbell RiverPort Townsend172.124:35via Comox
Campbell RiverPrideaux Haven26.43:46 
Campbell RiverPrince Rupert391.455:55via Port Hardy & Shearwater
Campbell RiverRefuge Cove, W Redonda Is.20.82:58 
Campbell RiverRoche Harbor, San Juan Is.124.617:48via Bedwell Harbour and Nanaimo
Campbell RiverRoscoe Bay, W. Redonda Island26.13:44via Baker Passage
Campbell RiverSavary Island20.82:58via Baker Passage
Campbell RiverSeattle193.827:41To Shilshole Bay Marina, Seattle
via Nanaimo and Bedwell Harbour
Campbell RiverSidney120.717:15via Nanaimo
Campbell RiverSointula, Malcolm Is.85.712:15 
Campbell RiverSquamish, Howe Sound107.115:18 
Campbell RiverSteveston, Lulu Island104.814:58 
Campbell RiverSurge Narrows, Read Island22.13:09 
Campbell RiverTelegraph Cove76.810:58 
Campbell RiverToba Inlet52.67:31via Deer Pass
Campbell RiverToba Inlet56.18:01via Waddington Channel
Campbell RiverToba Wildernest33.14:44via Deer Pass
Campbell RiverToba Wildernest36.65:14via Waddington Channel
Campbell RiverVancouver97.913:59via Sabine Channel
Campbell RiverWalsh Cove, Waddington Channel33.24:45via Baker Passage
Campbell RiverWestview.31.24:27 
Campbell RiverWhaletown, Cortes Is.15.02:09 
Campbell RiverWollochet Bay232.233:10via Nanaimo & Deception Pass