Port McNeill

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Port McNeill

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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Port McNeill,
50° 35' 31.87" N, 127° 05' 19.14" W - CHS Chart 3546
Port McNeillAlert Bay, Cormorant Is.6.10:52 
Port McNeillAnacortes236.933:51via Campbell River
Port McNeillBlind Channel64.29:10via Johnstone Strait
Port McNeillCampbell River86.512:22 
Port McNeillEcho Bay, Gilford Island26.33:45 
Port McNeillKwatsi Bay38.55:30via Retreat Passage
Port McNeillKingcome Inlet52.77:32via Retreat Passage
Port McNeillLagoon Cove, E Cracroft Is.31.44:29via Baronet Passage
Port McNeillNanaimo164.623:31via Seymour Narrows
Port McNeillOlympia325.346:28via Nanaimo
Port McNeillPort Hardy22.23:10 
Port McNeillPotts Lagoon25.03:34via Baronet Passage
Port McNeillShawl Bay34.05:51via Cramer Passage
Port McNeillShawl Bay34.55:56via Fife Sound
Port McNeillSointula, Malcolm Is.3.70:32 
Port McNeillSullivan Bay, N Broughton Is.27.03:51via Wells Passage
Port McNeillVancouver, Coal Harbour184.626:22