Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Miscellaneous-1
Beaver InletBlind Channel, W. Thurlow Is.11.01:34off Loughborough Inlet
Beaver InletForward Harbour15.12:09 
Blubber BayBallet Bay18.72:40 
Blubber BayDeep Bay25.23:36 
Blubber BaySturt Bay4.70:40 
Bones Bay LodgeLagoon Cove3.20:27 
Bones Bay LodgeMinstrel Island3.80:33via The Blow Hole
Bones Bay LodgeTelegraph Cove19.22:45 
Broken IslandsForward Harbour21.73:06 
Broken IslandsPort Neville8.91:16 
Broken IslandsRoot Point6.20:53 
Bute InletBig Bay, Stuart Island40.25:44 
Cape CautionOlympia402.257:27via Nanaimo
Cape CautionPort Hardy31.54:30 
Cape CockburnGrief Point15.02:09 
Cape CockburnNanaimo35.05:00avoiding WG
Cape CockburnSarah Point35.05:00via Thulin Passage
Cape CockburnSarah Point35.05:00via Thulin Passage
Craycroft InletLagoon Cove, E Cracroft Is.2.40:20 
Craycroft InletMinstrel Is.2.80:24 
Crescent BeachFalse Creek42.26:02 
Crescent BeachHornby Island82.411:46 
Crescent BeachPoint Roberts11.91:42 
Cutter CoveRoot Point, E Cracroft Is.5.00:42 
Dawsons LandingPort Hardy61.58:47 
Dawsons LandingSullivan Bay, N Broughton Is.74.910:42 

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