Simoom Sound

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Simoom Sound

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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Simoom Sound,
50° 51' 37.91" N, 126° 31' 23.10" W - CHS Chart 3515
Simoom SoundBelleisle Sound20.72:57 
Simoom SoundEcho Bay, Gilford Island8.11:09from McIntosh Bay
Simoom SoundKelsey Bay56.98:08via Havannah Channel
Simoom SoundKwatsi Bay15.22:10from McIntosh Bay
Simoom SoundLagoon Cove, E Cracroft Is.34.24:53from McIntosh Bay
Simoom SoundMinstrel Is.31.74:31via Tribune Channel
Simoom SoundSullivan Bay, N Broughton Is.16.82:24