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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Blaine, WA,
48° 59' 31.30" N, 122° 45' 54.57" W - NOAA Chart 18421
BlaineActive Pass23.43:21Crossing Strait of Georgia
BlaineAnacortes, Fidalgo Island33.64:48 
BlaineBedwell Harbour, S. Pender Is.26.33:46 
BlaineBellingham29.64:10via Hale Passage
BlaineBirch Bay7.41:03 
BlaineCadboro Bay, B.C.44.16:18 
BlaineCampbell River120.117:10via Strait of Georgia and Sabine Channel avoiding WG
BlaineComox99.314:11via Baynes Sound
BlaineCrescent Beach69.19:52via Haro Strait
BlaineDeception Pass39.75:40via Bellingham Channel
BlaineDeer Harbor27.73:57 
BlaineDes Moines108.215:27via La Conner & Shilshole Bay
BlaineDesolation Sound109.915:42 
BlaineFalse Creek, Vancouver B.C.44.26:19 
BlaineFishermans Cove (West Vancouver)41.35:54 
BlaineFriday Harbor, San Juan Is.30.94:25 
BlaineGanges32.14:35via Active Pass
BlaineGibsons, Sunshine Coast47.36:45via Point Roberts
BlaineJames Island31.34:28 
BlaineJones Island25.93:42 
BlaineLa Conner, Swinomish Channel40.75:49 
BlaineMatia Island16.72:23 
BlaineMontague Harbour29.14:09via Active Pass
BlaineNanaimo, Vancouver Is.51.57:21 
BlaineOlympia144.620:39via Anacortes and Shilshole Bay
BlaineOrcas32.94:42via Obstruction Pass
BlainePatos Island15.82:15 
BlainePender Harbour71.210:10via Welcome Passage
BlainePoint Roberts12.71:49 
BlainePort Angeles64.59:13via Haro Strait
BlainePort Angeles69.69:57via Rosario Strait
BlainePort Browning. N. Pender Is.27.13:52 
BlainePort Moody, B.C.55.07:51 
BlainePort Townsend57.08:09 
BlaineRosario, Orcas Is.31.24:27via Obstruction Pass
BlaineSaturna Island22.53:13via Boat Pass
BlaineSeattle92.913:16To Bell St. Marina, Seattle via Admiralty Inlet
BlaineSecret Cove, B.C.62.78:57via Strait of Georgia
BlaineShilshole Bay, Seattle87.712:32via Admiralty Inlet
BlaineShilshole Bay, Seattle89.612:48via Saratoga Passage
BlaineSidney, Vancouver Is.33.84:50via Boundry Pass
BlaineSmugglers Cove62.98:59 
BlaineSnug Cove, Bowen Island43.46:12 
BlaineSucia Island17.52:30to Fossil Bay, Sucia Is.
BlaineTacoma118.116:52via La Conner
BlaineVancouver45.76:32via Point Roberts