Deception Pass

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Deception Pass

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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From Deception Pass,
48° 24' 22.32" N, 122° 38' 41.07" W - NOAA Chart 18427
Deception PassBedwell Harbour, S. Pender Is.32.54:39via Pole Pass
Deception PassBellingham25.33:37 
Deception PassBlaine39.75:40via Bellingham Channel
Deception PassBlakely Is. Marina13.92:07via East side Blakely Is.
Deception PassBremerton62.48:55via Saratoga Passage and Agate Pass
Deception PassBush Point, Whidbey Is.27.13:52 
Deception PassCadboro Bay, B.C.27.13:52 
Deception PassCattle Point, San Juan Is.13.11:52 
Deception PassCornet Bay, Whidby Is.1.10:09 
Deception PassCoupeville, Whidby Is.19.22:45 
Deception PassDeer Harbor, Orcas Is.20.52:57via Thatcher Pass and Pole Pass
Deception PassDes Moines68.69:48 
Deception PassEagle Harbor58.48:21via Saratoga Passage
Deception PassEdmonds43.06:09via Saratoga Passage
Deception PassElliott Bay Marina56.28:02via Langley
Deception PassEverett36.75:15 
Deception PassFriday Harbor, San Juan Is.20.62:56via Thatcher Pass
Deception PassFriday Harbor, San Juan Is.20.62:56via Cattle Pass
Deception PassGedney Island31.34:28via Saratoga Passage
Deception PassGig Harbor74.510:39via Saratoa Passage and Colvos Passage
Deception PassJames Island8.71:15 
Deception PassJones Island22.03:09via Thatcher Pass
Deception PassKingston46.56:39via Saratoga Passage
Deception PassLa Conner9.51:21 
Deception PassLangley Boat Harbor27.93:59 
Deception PassMackaye Harbor12.71:48 
Deception PassMud Bay, Lopez, Is.10.21:27 
Deception PassNarrows Marina78.911:16via Colvos Passage
Deception PassNarrows Marina82.911:50via East Passage
Deception PassOak Harbor18.32:37 
Deception PassOlympia100.414:21via Saratoga Passage, Colvos Passage, & Dana Passage
Deception PassOrcas17.42:29 
Deception PassPoint Defiance Launch Ramp74.510:39via Saratoga Passage
Deception PassPoint Partridge12.61:48 
Deception PassPoint Roberts39.85:41via Haro Strait
Deception PassPort Angeles36.75:15 
Deception PassPort Madison52.77:32via Saratoga Passage
Deception PassPort Orchard64.59:13via Saratoga Passage
Deception PassPort Townsend20.72:57 
Deception PassPoulsbo58.38:20 
Deception PassPrevost Harbor, Stuart Is.30.64:22 
Deception PassReid Harbor, Stuart Is.29.24:10via Thatcher Pass
Deception PassReid Harbor, Stuart Is.31.54:30via San Juan Channel
Deception PassRoche Harbor, San Juan Is.27.13:52 
Deception PassRosario, Orcas Is.17.82:33 
Deception PassSequim27.93:59 
Deception PassShilshole Bay, Seattle51.67:22 
Deception PassSidney, Vancouver Island36.55:13 
Deception PassSkyline Marina, Flounder Bay5.80:49 
Deception PassSpencer Spit12.51:47via Thatcher Pass
Deception PassSucia Is.25.23:36to Fossil Bay, Sucia Is.
Deception PassTacoma Thea Foss79.411:21 
Deception PassTacoma Yacht Club74.910:42via Colvos Passage
Deception PassThatcher Pass10.31:28 
Deception PassVancouver, False Creek70.510:04 
Deception PassVictoria, B.C.32.24:36 
Deception PassWest Seattle Boat Ramp57.58:13via Saratoga Passage
Deception PassWest Sound, Orcas Is.20.92:59