Port Townsend

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Port Townsend

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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Port Townsend,
48° 06' 26.19" N, 122° 46' 17.55" W - NOAA Chart 18464
Port TownsendAlert Bay, Cormorant Is.243.934:51via Bedwell Harbour, Nanaimo, & Campbell River
Port TownsendAlki Point.37.65:22via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendAnacortes, Fidalgo Is.30.74:23 
Port TownsendBallard Locks32.04:34via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendBedwell Harbour45.76:32 
Port TownsendBellingham42.56:04 
Port TownsendBlaine57.08:09 
Port TownsendBlake Island39.85:41via Kingston
Port TownsendBlakely Island Marina32.44:38via Thatcher Pass
Port TownsendBremerton41.25:53via Port Townsend Canal & Agate Passage
Port TownsendBrownsville36.85:15via Kingston
Port TownsendBush Point, Whidbey Is.9.21:19 
Port TownsendCamano Is. - Rocky Point46.76:40via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendCattle Point23.43:21 
Port TownsendCampbell River172.124:35via Comox
Port TownsendCoon Bay14.82:07via Port Townsend Cana
Port TownsendCornet Bay21.73:06 
Port TownsendDeception Pass20.72:57 
Port TownsendDesolation Sound155.322:11via Bedwell Harbour & Nanaimo
Port TownsendEagle Harbor37.05:17via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendEdmonds24.93:33via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendElliott Bay Marina34.54:56via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendEverett31.24:46via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendFisherman Bay, Lopez Is.29.44:12 
Port TownsendFreeland43.56:13 
Port TownsendFriday Harbor, San Juan Is.30.24:18 
Port TownsendGanges, Saltspring Is.59.58:33 
Port TownsendGarrison Bay, San Juan Is.36.35:11 
Port TownsendGig Harbor53.27:36via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendHoodsport53.27:36via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendJames Island25.43:31 
Port TownsendJarrell Cove81.111:35via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendKingston24.63:31via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendLa Conner30.54:21via Deception Pass
Port TownsendLangley Boat Harbor32.44:38 
Port TownsendMaple Bay B.C.66.79:32via Bedwell Harbour
Port TownsendNanaimo, Vancouver Island85.812:15via Bedwell Harbour
Port TownsendNarrows Marina57.48:12via Colvos Passage
Port TownsendNeah Bay80.511:30 
Port TownsendOak Bay, Vancouver Is.31.74:32 
Port TownsendOlympia80.511:30 
Port TownsendOrcas34.14:52 
Port TownsendPleasant Harbor, Hood Canal36.05:09 
Port TownsendPoint Defiance Launch Ramp53.47:38via Colvos Passage
Port TownsendPoint No Point15.92:16via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendPoint Roberts56.58:04 
Port TownsendPort Angeles34.44:55 
Port TownsendPort Ludlow13.01:51 
Port TownsendPort Gamble17.42:29 
Port TownsendPort Hadlock4.50:39 
Port TownsendPort Orchard42.36:03via Agate Passage & Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendPoulsbo, Liberty Bay37.35:20 
Port TownsendPrincess Louisa Inlet160.622:57and Chatterbox Falls
Port TownsendQuilcene40.45:46 
Port TownsendReid Harbor, Stuart Is.42.06:00via San Juan Channel
Port TownsendReid Harbor, Stuart Is.41.35:54via Haro Strait
Port TownsendRoche Harbor, San Juan Is.37.65:22via Mosquito Pass
Port TownsendSeabeck33.54:47via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendSekiu67.19:35 
Port TownsendSequim Bay, John Wayne Marina17.32:28 
Port TownsendShilshole Bay, Seattle31.04:25 
Port TownsendSidney, Vancouver Is.43.66:14 
Port TownsendTacoma, Thea Foss58.48:21via East Passage
Port TownsendThatcher Pass28.14:01 
Port TownsendUnion, Hood Canal56.08:00via Port Townsend Canal
Port TownsendVictoria35.05:00 
Port TownsendWest Seattle Boat Ramp36.75:15