Squalicum Harbor

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Squalicum Harbor

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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Squalicum Harbor
48° 45' 13.91" N, 122° 29' 53.78" W - NOAA Chart 18424
BellinghamAnacortes, Fidalgo Island15.92:16Squalicum Harbor
BellinghamBedwell Harbour, S. Pender Is.33.54:47 
BellinghamBirch Bay28.44:03 
BellinghamBlaine29.64:10via Hale Passage
BellinghamBlakely Is. Marina17.62:30 
BellinghamBrentwood Bay, Vancouver Is.52.37:28via Sucia Island
BellinghamCampbell River151.521:39via Bedwell Harbour and Nanaimo
BellinghamCornet Bay, Whidby Is.25.63:39 
BellinghamCypress Island13.61:57 
BellinghamDeception Pass25.33:37 
BellinghamDeer Harbor, Orcas Is.26.73:49via Obstruction Pass
Squalicum Harbor, BellinghamDes Moines Marina89.512:47 
BellinghamDesolation Sound143.720:32via Bedwell Harbour, S. Pender Is., Nanaimo, Vancouver Is.
to Refuge Cove, W Redonda Is.
BellinghamEverett56.98:08via La Conner, Swinomish Channel
BellinghamFriday Harbor, San Juan Is.27.13:52 
BellinghamFisherman Bay, Lopez Is.25.53:39via Peavine Pass
BellinghamGanges, Saltspring Is.35.35:03via Hale Passage
BellinghamHeriot Bay154.522:04via Bedwell harbour & Nanaimo
BellinghamHood Canal Floating Bridge60.08:34via Port Townsend
BellinghamInati Bay, Lummi Is.7.21:02 
BellinghamJames Island19.62:48via Bellingham Channel
BellinghamKingston66.89:33via Swinomish Channel
BellinghamLa Conner, Swinomish Channel22.53:12 
BellinghamLangley Boat Harbor48.66:56via Swinomish Channel
BellinghamLummi Island9.81:24 
BellinghamMatia Island16.92:24 
BellinghamNanaimo, Vancouver Is.69.89:58via Hale Passage, Navy Channel & Dodd Narrows
BellinghamNarrows Marina102.914:42via Swinomish Slough
Squalicum Harbor, BellinghamNarrows Marina, Tacoma99.914:16 
BellinghamNeah Bay98.914:08 
BellinghamOak Harbor39.05:34via Swinomish Channel
BellinghamOlympia123.117:35via Swinomish Channel
BellinghamOrcas23.33:20via Obstruction Pass
BellinghamOro Bay, Anderson Is.111.515:56via Anacortes & Shilshole Bay
BellinghamPoint Roberts31.54:30 
BellinghamPort Angeles55.87:58 
BellinghamPort Browning, N Pender Is.37.25:20via Plumper Sound
BellinghamPort Gamble.59.88:33via Rosario Strait
BellinghamPort Hardy, Vancouver Is.252.936:08via Nanaimo and Campbell River
BellinghamPort Orchard84.712:06via LaConner
BellinghamPort Townsend42.56:04via Bellingham Channel
BellinghamReid Harbor, Stuart Is.35.75:06via S side Orcas Is.
BellinghamReid Harbor, Stuart Is.35.25:02via N side Orcas Is.
BellinghamRoche Harbor, San Juan Is.33.74:49North of Orcas Is.
BellinghamRoche Harbor, San Juan Is.33.24:45South of Orcas Is.
BellinghamShilshole Bay, Seattle, Seattle71.910:16via Swinomish Channel
BellinghamRosario, Orcas Island22.13:09 
BellinghamSandy Point, Lummi Bay14.62:09 
BellinghamSilva Bay, Gabriola Is.68.49:46via Bedwell Harbour
BellinghamSkyline Marina, Flounder Bay19.32:45 
BellinghamSucia Is.19.92:50 
BellinghamTacoma Thea Foss99.914:16via La Conner
BellinghamTelegraph Cove, Vancouver Is.224.332:03via Nanaimo & Campbell River
BellinghamTelegraph Harbour.60.98:42via Bedwell Harbour
BellinghamVendovi Island9.81:24 
BellinghamVictoria, Vancouver Island50.37:11 
BellinghamWest Sound, Orcas Island21.63:05via Obstruction Pass
Squalicum Harbor, BellinghamWest Sound, Orcas Island21.63:05via Obstruction Pass